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Is GFS(Glucose-Fructose Syrup) the same as sucrose (table sugar)?

Date:Dec 18, 2015/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Glucose processing machine

Glucose processing machine

Recently, study results obtained on the basis of a high quantity pure fructose diet are being extrapolated to HFCS (GFS). Consumption of fructose as the sole carbohydrate is highly unusual and not reflective at all of people’s habitual diets. Pure fructose is not the same as GFS. Fructose and glucose – the two main constituents of GFS and sucrose – are metabolised in different ways in the body, when consumed separately. But GFS is metabolised similarly to sucrose as these all contain fructose and glucose, in approximately the same proportion.

Both GFS and sucrose contain glucose and fructose. Sucrose contains 50% of each, and the two sugar molecules are bound together. The glucose and fructose in GFS are not bound together, and the ratio of the two sugars can vary. The versions of GFS with the highest fructose content are usually composed of 42% fructose.

Studies have shown that the metabolism of glucose and fructose in the body is similar whether they are consumed in GFS or in sugar. Both GFS and sucrose both contain 4 kcal per gram.

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