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Blast mill

blast mill

Blast mill

Description of blast mill:

The blast mill is widely used to corn, potato, starch and other industries. It has many advantages such as simplifying the process of production of starch, improving the rate of collection of starch and having outstanding economic benefits. It is also widely used to process juice, flour and food.

Working principle of blast mill:

The materials enter into the pulverizing chamber from the upper feeding hole and the thin paste goes into the rotor center through the pipes on the right and left. Then the materials and thin paste will be dispersed around in the working chamber by means of centrifugal force and be impacted violently and repeatedly by a rotating needle and the fixed needle, which separates most of the starch and fibers. Because the fiber is sheared more lightly and incompletely during the impact, most of the fibers will be made into thin pieces. The materials processed by the percussive mills have a big proportion between the coarse dregs and the fine dregs, which is from 2.5:1 to 3:1. The starch can dissociate from the fiber piece to the greatest extent and the protein can dissociate from the starch more easily. The paste produced by the percussive mill can be discharged from the outlet and the fine milling process is finished.


Parameters of blast mill

Capacity 3-5(t/h)
Fineness 50-200mesh
Motor powder 37.5-55(KW)
Weight 1.5(t)


Application of blast mill

1.Corn starch production line

2.Potato starch production line

3.Wheat starch production line

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