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Centrifugal sieve

Centrifugal sieve

Centrifugal sieve

Centrifugal Sieves: Lowest down-time in the industry 

Centrifugal sieve is to separate the fine fiber (pulp) from the starch slurry which is widely used in big and middle-sized starch factories for the extraction of tuber and wheat starch.

This centrifugal sieve is made of high grade stainless steel with a special treatment on the surface which makes it oil resistant and dirt proof. The rotating basket which is calibrated by the dynamic balance precision of the authoritative organization ensures a stable operation. The surface of the sieve is refined by a special panel, beautiful and durable. With a big processing capacity, appropriate power allocation, easy installation, the equipment is a perfect combination of Sino-Food Machinery and international advanced technology.

Advantages of centrifugal sieve:

      (1)  Completely closed combination structure, no intermediate tanks needed;

      (2) Motor of lower placement for better stability;

      (3) Applying stainless steel compound wedge wire plate for higher efficiency.

      (4) No dead corner, resulting in no bacteria and conforming to food hygienic requirements;



Technical parameter of centrifugal Sieves


Main technical parameter
Model Output Power(KW) Out size(mm)
SS800N 120Kg/h 5.5 1740*1380*1000


Centrifugal Sieves can applied in following starch production line :

(1) Potato starch production line

(2) Sweet potato starch production line

(3) Cassva starch production line

(4) Corn starch production line

(5) Wheat starch production line

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