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Drum-type washer

Drum-type washer

Drum-type washer

Introduction of drum-type washer :

Usefulness of drum-type washer: Clean potato up the hull, sand, muddy or other sundries.

Main features of drum-type washer: Major of equipment is to move the peel ,muddy ,sundries  .Advantage is low power consumption ,big handling capacity ,well clearing ,stable operation ,and easy maintenance etc.

Material of drum-type washer: carbon steel,stainless steel


Technical parameter of drum-type washer :

Model Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
QZL50 3000 1.5 4000 x 500 x 600
QZL60 4000 2.2 4500 x 520 x 620
QZL70 5000 3 5000 x 600 x 700


Drum-type washer can applied in following starch production line :

(1) Potato starch production line

(2) Sweet potato starch production line

(3) Cassva starch production line

(4) Corn starch production line

(5) Wheat starch production line


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