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Potato crusher masher

Potato crusher masher

Potatao crusher masher

Description of potato crusher masher:

The hammer crusher is made up of machine cover,box, engine base, principal axis,hammer and mesh pieces.

Usage of potato crusher masher:

The potato crusher masher mainly used for crushing of potato ,sweet potato, cassava etc.

Features of potato crusher masher:

1.Low power consumption

2.Large handing capacity

3.Small crushing size

The main technical parameters of  potato crusher  masher:

Model Output/m3 Powder/KW Outer size(mm)
FS48-24 2.5-3 15 1500*800*700
FS48-32 4-5 22 1500*800*760
FS48-40 5-6 30 1500*900*920
FS60-60 6.5-8 37 2200*1000*950
FS60-72 8-10 45 2200*1100*950
FS60-84 12-13 55 2200*1200*950
FS60-108 15-18 75 2200*1400*950


Application of hammer crusher:

1. Cassava starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Sweet potato starch production line

4. Syrup production line

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