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Pre-coating vacuum filter

Pre-coating vacuum filter is suitable for filtration machinery with small particle size, not easy to precipitate, and material with specific particle size above 3mm, which can be continuously filtered and dried under vacuum. Pre-coating vacuum filter has the liquid level automatic control, the filter cloth automatic adjustment and so on characteristic.

1. Brief introduction of pre-coating vacuum filter:

Pre-coating vacuum filter is widely used for the starch dehydration in medicine,food, chemical engineering and other industries. All the parts contacted with material are made of high quality stainless steel,rotating drum speed can frequency control. Cleaning of the drum is using intermittent flushing. Filter slot equipped with reciprocating paddle stirrer to prevent controlled scraping blade discharging and the scraper is made of high hardness alloy.

potato starch production process

Vacuum filter

The equipment absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology, stable, compact structure, low energy consumption, cover small area. The work performance pre-coating vacuum filter is good, with high dewatering rate, and is the ideal choice for large and medium-sized starch production enterprise.

2.Structure and principle

Pre-coating vacuum filter consists of frame, spindle, motor, reducer, feed connection, filter slot, overflow port, recovery connection, agitator, flushing water inlet, pneumatic scraping, vacuum pipe connection, manhole overhaul, rotary drum, agitator motor, filter cloth, etc. Its an important machine used for potato starh manufacturing process.

potato starch making machine

Vacuum filter used for starch dewatering

The porous surface of the horizontal rotary drum is covered with a certain number of filter cloth, and a supporting net is arranged between the filter cloth and the porous shell. The swirl drum passes through the filter tank, and there is a dehydrated starch emulsion with a certain liquid level height in the filter tank. Through the connection between the vacuum pump and the vacuum tube of the dehydrator, the inner pressure of the drum is lowered to a maximum of 200 Mb. The pressuring difference between the inner cylinder and the external (atmosphere) is acted upon, the liquid passes through the filter cloth and reaches the inner part of the drum. The pipe pump is connected with the recovery through the filtrate pump. The solid (starch) in the starch emulsion cannot wear a filter cloth and stay on the surface of the drum, and the pneumatic scraper continuously scrapes the solid (starch) from the surface of the rotary drum before the drum surface is immersed again in the starch emulsion, and drop belt conveyor into the next process.

potato starch production equipment

Main potato starch production machine

3.Installation,operation and maintenance

The Pre-coating vacuum filter is installed in the correct position according to the requirements of process, and its auxiliary equipment, such as vacuum pump, filtrate pump and water and gas separation tank, are all installed near the Pre-coating vacuum filter to ensure the shortest distance between various connecting pipes, which is easy to operate.

a.Check and adjust the machine before starting up.

b.Trial operation and adjustment.

c.Checking in the runtime.


4. Our pre-coating vacuum filter Advantages

The Pre-coating vacuum filter adopts pneumatic manual retreat scraper, mechanical limit, prevent misoperation. Filter tank is equipped with automatic reciprocating agitator, prevent starch sank to the bottom. Starch dewatering effect is good, water content of wet starch is stable, has realized automatic discharging, reduce the labor intensity. Working without noise, stable work, work good continuity, easy to operate.

Main technical parameters of pre-coating vacuum filter

Model Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Outersize(mm)
ZZG3 400 6.6 1600×1650×2200
ZZG4 650 8.1 2000×1600×2200
ZZG15 2000 21.5 4000×1600×2200
ZZG20 4000 21.5 4000×2450×3100



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