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Pressure sieve

Pressure sieve

Pressure sieve

Food processing equipment--Pressure sieve

Description of food processing equipment (Pressure sieve)

The food processing equipment (Pressure sieve) is a kind of high efficiency quiet separation equipment.The raw material is continuously sprayed on the arc-shaped sieve plate through the pump nozzle. Then by multi stage reversal flow cleaning & separating, the slurry and the residue could be thoroughly separated.

The features of food processing equipment (Pressure sieve)

High efficiency, quiet separation plant.

The Main technical parameters of food processing equipment (Pressure sieve)


Radius of arc(mm) 762
Center wrap angle 120
Gap width(mm) 0.05-0.15
Feed pressure(M pa) 0.02-0.04
Fiber residue(g/L) 0.08
Production capacity(m3/h) 34-46
Weight(kg) 275



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