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Rasping machine

Rasping machine

Rasping machine

Description of rasping machine

The rasping machine is widely used in potato starch processing industry for potato crushing. Potatoes spin into the gap of stator and rotor in which it is crushed into granules and the uniformity starch slurry falls into the basin via the sieve.

The rasping machine is made of stainless steel, the rotor is made of special stainless steel by forging process, and rotor is installed on hundreds of specially designed, two-way combination rasps with the thickness of 1.25mm.

SIDA manufactures the rasping machine for customers wholeheartedly. The distance between the stator and rotor is only 1 ~ 2mm, which ensures higher efficiency of the rasping mill. The simple rasp clamping system ensures rasp works in the best position. And the rasping machine is very simple to assemble and disassemble the mill, there is no need to use special tools, general staff is OK. The capacity of the entire production line can be adjusted by adjustable speed feeding conveyor.


Advantages of rasping machine

1.The rasping machine is made of stainless steel to prevent starch pollution

2.The rasping machine surface is treated in a special process, beautiful and oil & dirt resistance

3.The rasping machine is easy and safe to operate

4.The rasping machine uses the Sweden SKF bearing and Germany belt

5.High rorating speed, even and fine rasping effect, high starch dissociation

Parameter of rasping machine

型号Model类别Item CM840-20 CM840-30
Main shaft rotating speed(t/min) 2100 2100
Drum diameter        (mm) ∅840 ∅900
Drum width         (mm) 350 500
Motor power        (KW) 110 160
Capacity          (t/h) 20~30 30~33
Wright           (Kg) 2700 3800
Dimension         (mm) 2170*1306*1190 2170*1398*1190



Application of rasping machine

The rasping machine is used to crush/grind the potato and cassava into starch slurry and granules.

1.Potato starch production line

2.Sweet potato starch production line

3.Cassava starch production line


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