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Starch refining hydrocyclone

Starch refining hydrocyclone

Starch refining hydrocyclone


Starch refining hydrocyclone application :

      For continuous separation, concentration and washing for potato starch , cassava starch , sweet potato starch , wheat starch and other grain (rice) starch and modified starch in the starch production line, and clarification and washing of suspension in other food and the chemical industry.


Design Features of starch refining hydrocyclone:
(1) . The whole set starch refining hydrocyclone shell and tube are all made by 304 stainless steel; the cone is made by the wear-resistant engineering plastic;
(2) . The sealing of the starch refining hydrocyclone only using three O-ring, quick-opening doors connected with hinges and quick-replacement flow tube plates; it can be very easily to achieve through the front door without any tools and equipments;
(3) . The hygienic-class pipeline valve, the system runs fully closed, CIP can be cleaned easily ;
(4) . The manual operation points of starch refining hydrocyclone are few and the working pressure is stable which can realize the PLC centralized control;
(5) . The whole et starch refining hydrocyclone has light vibration and low noise, the continuous separation is high efficiency, stability and low-water consumption.



Main parameters of starch refining hydrocyclone


Model A B C D
YT-57 ¢400 320 DN50 DN40
YT-81 ¢460 320 DN65 DN50
YT-116 ¢516 320 DN80 DN65


Application of starch refining hydrocyclone

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

5.  Wheat starch production line 

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