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Corn starch manufacturing plant

  • Introduction

Corn starch manufacturing plant introduction:

70% starch production used corn as raw material. Corn starch production with high economic benefit, raw materials easy to obtain. Morden corn starch processing plant use water  with a closed loop, the recycling rate of dry material in corn has reached 99%, and the loss of 1% is also included the dust of raw grains.

Doing construction corn starch manufacturing plant 3D photo

Doing construction corn starch manufacturing plant 3D photo

Following is the production process of our corn starch processing plant:

1. Corn storage and purification, remove dirt and sand.

2. Corn steeping to get corn thick liquid, then dewatering and pufification to get corn liquid include dry materials more than 40%, then these corn steep liquor can used to make starch.

3. Corn crushing, wet corn crushing for extracting the 20%-25% corn starch.

4. Used drill pointer to fine crushing corn pieces, extract the corn starch maximum.

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