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Working principles of hydro-cyclone

Starch milk and wash water are the upstream way through the washing system, referring main flow chart of multi-stage cyclone separator system.Washing system usually consists of 6 to 12 stages.and each cyclone consists of several parallel-connected hydro-cyclone tubes.

Each stage has feed interface, bottom stream interface and overflow interface.The bottom stream containing condensed milk, while the overflow containing soluble substances and small slag. The overflow of certain stage together with the bottom flow of previous stage is conveyed into the feeding bin of the middle stage. Starch milk is fed from first stage then conveyed through each stage in sequence, it is finally discharged from the last stage.

Overflow contains dilute starch milk and impurities to be removed. Washing water enters from feeding pump in the last stage and backflows in sequence until the first stage then finally overflows there, discharging the impurities such as protein small fiber residue.

Main parameters of hydro-cyclone

Model A B C D
YT-57 ¢400 320 DN50 DN40
YT-81 ¢460 320 DN65 DN50
YT-116 ¢516 320 DN80 DN65



Application of hydro-cyclone

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

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