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Sweet potato starch processing machinery

Despite its name, the sweet potato is not a potato. It is a member of the morning glory plant family and is one of the oldest vegetables in the world. Although it is starchy like a potato, a sweet potato has different starch properties. Because of the versatility of its starch, the sweet potato is among the leading crops grown in developing countries. Sweet potato starch processing machinery made by our company has a high extraction rate and good quality.

sweet potato starch production processSweet potato starch production process

Sweet potato starch processing machinery include:

First, Cleaning:

Dry sieve and rotary washing machine are necessary sweet potato starch processing machinery for cleaning the outer impurities of the raw material. The dry sieve has the advantages of large capacity, low power configuration, stable operation, high impurity removal rate (sediment and other miscellaneous substances), easy to install and so on.

Second, Washing:

The removal rate of the epidermis can reach more than 92%. It is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of root crop starch production enterprises. Since getting into the market, it is popular and welcomed by the users worldwide. Our sweet potato washing machine is an ideal equipment for cleaning and removing impurities of tuber crop. This sweet potato starch processing machinery adopts high quality domestic brand, and the transmission is chain drive, which is simple and convenient to maintain. Besides, the operation is simple and easy to learn.

sweet potato washing machineSweet potato washing machine

Third, Rasping:

Rasping machine is a core part of sweet potato starch processing machinery. It is essential to improve the extraction rate of sweet potato starch. Sweet potato starch is divided into 2 types, free starch and bound starch. The rasping machine can break the difficulty to extract bound starch by its high speed, thereby greatly improving the extraction rate and yield of sweet potato starch.

Fourth, Purification:

The sweet potato starch processing machinery of fine fiber sieve is mainly used for the satisfactory slag in the starch slurry during the process of starch processing. The starch slurry pumped by the starch pump enters the feed end of the roller through the inlet, and the roller has a bottom net skeleton and a surface network. The roller is rotated at a constant speed under the drive of the transmission system, so that the animal material is moving on the roller sieve and sprinkled in the spray water. Under the action of flushing, the small particles of starch through the surface net into the slurry collection warehouse, from the collection port, and the fine slag and other fibers cannot pass through the surface net, and stay on the sieve surface and discharge from the slag outlet, thus achieving the purpose of separating the fine slag.

sweet potato starch machineFine fiber sieve

Sweet potato starch is also used for various commercial purposes. In the food industry, commercial processors use the starch to make noodles, sweeteners, beverages, citric acid and resistant starch, which provide health benefits similar to that of fiber. With its strong adhesive quality, sweet potato starch is also a replacement for paste. In addition, starch from sweet potatoes is used to produce ethanol fuel. Now, sweet potato starch processing machinery is very valuable for the professional industry.

Sweet potato starch processing machinerySweet potato starch drying machinery

Advantages of our sweet potato starch processing machinery:

1.One sweet potato starch processing machinery can transfer sweet potato to starch directly. It can save a lot of cost.

2.Low energy consumption, high capacity, fine particles, easy installation, stable operation and friendly maintenance.

3.All stainless steel 304 cover meets to GMP standard.

4.After-sales Service Provided Engineers available to service machinery overseas for one year.

Any questions of sweet potato starch processing machinery,welcome to contact us.

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