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Dry sieve for cassava cleaning

Dry sieve for cassava cleaning

Fresh cassava cleaning machine dry sieve introduction:
Dry sieve widely used in impurities pre-removal for starch production. It's used to remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities that are attached on the surface of potato, sweet potato and cassavas.

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Doing factory dry sieve

Dry sieve features:
Inner spiral is adopted to push raw materials moving forward.
Low rotating speed guarantee machine run smoothly and makes materials free of damage.
The capacity could be adjusted based on impurities amount attaching on materials.
Simple structure, easy maintenance and low power consumption.

Model Capacity(t/h) Material Cage diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Roller length(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Weight(kg)
DY100 15-20 CS 1000 18 3500-5500 7.5 L*2.2*1.5 2800
DY120 20-30 CS 1400 12 5000-7000 11 L*2.35*1.78 3500

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