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Disc centrifuge

Features of disc centrifuge:

1. The disc centrifuge is a kind of high efficiency starch processing equipment.

2. The disc centrifuge is designed mainly for collecting the starch from the starch slurry by connecting some separators in series or connecting the separator with the hydrocyclones machine.

3. Also the disc centrifuge can remove protein and other light component, which will  make the starch much pure.

disc centrifugeDisc centrifuge

The main technical parameters of disc centrifuge

Model Separation factor Capacity(m3/h) Powder/KW
DPF355/7-21-30 4300 8-12 15
DFDP307DB-73 4300 12-18 15
DFDT311DC-13 4950 15-30 30
DPF450/21-00-40 9300 15-22 30
DFDT215VC-17 6500 60-80 60/75

Application of disc centrifuge:

1. Wheat starch production line

2. Corn starch production line

3. Potato starch poduction line

4. Sweet potato starch production line

5. Cassava starch production line

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