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Purified hydrocyclone assembly

hydrocyclone assemblyHydrocyclone assembly

Purified Hydrocyclone Assembly Introduction

Usefulness: Purify and extract starch in starch process. Multistage cyclone station whose primary purpose is the removal of soluble and insoluble protein, fine fiber, the end of the purification of sugar starch milk. Purified hydrocyclone assembly is concentrated, washing, key equipment of refined starch. Device body is made of high quality stainless steel, to ensure that material is not eroded by a special process equipment surfaces outside the grounds, oil dirt; swirl tube nylon certified by the FDA, energy efficient; multi-stage cyclone station set enrichment, recycling , washing and separation of fine slag and other functions in one, simple and reasonable, nice, stable product quality, by medium-sized enterprises welcome starch is SIDA cooperation with the international advanced technology production of quality products.

purified hydrocyclone assemblyPurified hydrocyclone assembly

Technical parameter of purified hydrocyclone assembly

Model Size A Size B Size C Size D
DY-57 ¢400 320 DN50 DN40
DY-81 ¢460 320 DN65 DN50
DY-116 ¢516 320 DN80 DN65

Remarks for purified hydrocyclone assembly:

Group rated capacity :4-6.5t/h starch

Group rated power :7.5-22kw/stage

Single stage dimension :800mm×1900mm×2100mm

Total weight :0.3t/stage

starch processing lineStarch production line 

Purified hydrocyclone assembly can applied in following starch production line :

(1) Potato starch production line

(2) Sweet potato starch production line

(3) Cassva starch production line

(4) Corn starch production line

(5) Wheat starch production line


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