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Rotating vacuum filter

Rotating vacuum filter description:

Vacuum filter is widely used in starch,medical,food,chemical and other industries for solid-liquid dehydration separation.The rotating vacuum filter is made of high grade stainless steel with a frequency controlled ratray drum.The cleaning is interval and automatic.There is paddle type agitator in the filter gallery to prevent the sedimentation of the starch,and also equipped with continuous adjustable liquid level control.The filter adopt acraper dischargr and pneumatic control,the scraping blade is made of high hardness alloy.

rotating vacuum filterRotating vacuum filter

Rotating vacuum filter advantages:

1.Specially designed and fabricated filter screen ensures higher throughput rate and efficiency.

2.Open drum of design results in consistent and less water content of dewatered product.

3.Robust structure of rotating vacuum filter,stainless steel frame cerbon steel.

4.An unique oil pans is equipped at the bottom of the bearing seat which guarantees a higher hygiene requirement.

5.Integration of vacuum tank and vacuum pump structure saves installation space and time.

rotating vacuum filterVacuum filter

Technical parameters of rotating vacuum filter:

Model Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Outersize(mm)
ZZG3 400 6.6 1600*1650*2200
ZZG4 650 8.1 2000*1600*2200
ZZG15 2000 21.5 4000*1600*2200
ZZG20 4000 21.5 4000*2450*3100

Application of rotating vacuum filter:

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

5. Wheat starch production line

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