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Starch hydrocyclone washing machine

Starch hydrocyclone washing machine Features:

The starch hydrocyclone washing machine produced by our company are mainly for solid-liquid continuous separation, concentration, and clarify and washing of suspension, with a compact structure, high accuracy separation and good sealing effect, widely used in potato, sweet potato, cassava, wheat, grain (rice) amyloid, other food and chemical industries. cyclone performance parameters: feed concentration of 4 (Be), the discharging concentration of 18-22 (Be), pressure 0.3-0.8 (Mpa) .

hydrocyclone refining machineHydrocyclone washing machine

Main parameters of starch hydrocyclone washing machine:

Model A B C D
YT-57 ¢400 320 DN50 DN40
YT-81 ¢460 320 DN65 DN50
YT-116 ¢516 320 DN80 DN65

Application of starch hydrocyclone washing machine

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

5.  Wheat starch production line

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