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Washing conveyor

Washing conveyor Application:

Used in cleaning and quantitative conveying for those Ball & Granular materials such as sweet potato, potato, cassava etc.

washing conveyor

Washing conveyor working principle:

By the central axis will stir the rotation of the dragon potato blocks along the axial upward transportation. By potato piece of friction between and potato blocks and beat the dragon and the cleaning effect;

With the rotation of the washing conveyor, the materials could be lifted and conveyed, at the same time, under the friction of the materials and screw conveyor ,the materials also could be cleaned .

With frequency control of motor speed, it can control the material conveying capacity, thereby quantitative conveying function capable.

Technical parameter of washing conveyor:

Model Output(kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
LSS30 3000 2.2 4500 x 450 x 800
LSS35 4000 3 4500 x 560 x 900
LSS45 5000 4   5200 x 700 x 1000

Washing conveyod can applied in following starch production line :

(1) Potato starch production line
(2) Sweet potato starch production line
(3) Cassva starch production line



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