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Cassava processing plant

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The cassava as one of the three potato varieties all over the world, the world's annual trade volume is about 10%, cassava main products is cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava garri and cassava pieces. At present, cassava has been a very important industrial crop and food in Africa, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, etc. And China, Japan, America is the main importer of cassava products.

3D photo of cassava starch processing plant

3D photo of cassava starch processing plant

Cassava processing is a good method to increase the economic benefits in Africa. Cassava processing plant is the best choice. Doing company is a professional processing and supplier for cassava processing plant, and can make installation and commissioning for your projects.

Following is the brief introduction of Doing cassava processing plant.

cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant

First, cassava starch processing plant, the technical process is fres cassava cleaning and washing, cassava milling for starch extraction,  filtering and desanding during cassava starch processing, cassava starch concentration and purification, cassava starch dewatering and drying. And the main equipments as photos.

cassava flour processing plant.

Cassava flour processing plant equipments

Second, cassava flour processing plant, the processing process is cassava washing and peeling, cassava grating to get cassava pieces, hydraulic press to dewatering, milling the cassava pieves after dewatering, then drying the flours.

Third, cassava garri processing plant

Cassava garri processing plant production process

Third, cassava garri processing plant, the production process is cassava washing and peeling, cassava grinding, cassava pieces dewatering, sifting to get required size, finally frying by our fryer. You also can add the oil to make garri taste better when frying.

cassava pieces processing plant

Cassava pieces processing machine

Fouth, cassava pieces processing plant. This technology is very easy, and equipment composed of a peeling machine and a chips machine. After chipping chips about 1-2 cm thickness and 6-7 cm long with large capacity and easy to operation, also can divided to use.

Cassava has a wide range of industrial uses, and cassava processing plant has a good ecnomic benefits.

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