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Fine fiber sieve for starch seperating

Fine fiber sieve is an ideal equipment for separating fine slag from starch slurry during potato and sweet potato starch processing. The processing principle of root crop starch (such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, etc.): the process of starch production is a physical separation process, which separates the starch from cellulose, protein and inorganic substance. In the process of production, the starch is dissoluble in cold water. The specific gravity is larger than water, the starch is kept separate from the suspension of water by our machine, so as to achieve the purpose of reclaiming starch.

The technological process of potato starch preparation is designed depending on the following six stages: cleaning, breaking, sieving, enrichment, purification, dehydration and drying. In particular, the crushing and screening section is unique to multistage crushing, filtration and extrusion. Fine fiber sieve has the advantages of low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate and good quality of starch, which improves the efficiency of the production line and the extraction rate of starch production.

potato starch production machine

Potato starch slurry seperating machine

The Features of Fine Fiber Sieve:

1. Fine fiber sieve adopts advanced technology at home and abroad. Product quality is guaranteed. And it is the ideal choice for large and medium-sized starch production enterprise.

2. Our fine fiber has realized automatic discharging, reduce the labor intensity.

3. Large handling capacity, low energy consumption, good starch extraction effect

4. Fine fiber has a special treatment on the equipment surface and can be installed easily.

5. It's made of stainless steel, so it meets hygienic requirements.

6. Its automatic front and back washing system guarantee good screen penetration and guarantee the stability of the equipment.

potato starch production plant

Fine fiber sieve used in starch production plant

The working principle of fine fiber sieve:

The starch slurry pumped by the starch pump enters the drum through the inlet, and the drum has a bottom mesh skeleton and a surface net. The drum rotates at a constant speed under the drive of the transmission system, thereby driving the material to move on the screen surface of the drum. Under the flushing effect of spray water, the starch of small particles enters through the surface net to be discharged from the collecting chamber of the slurry, but the fine slag and other fibers can not pass through the net, and stay on the screen surface to discharge from the slag outlet, thus this process can achieve the purpose of separating fine slag. The whole drum part depends on the roller bracket part to support, and center itself automatically. In the fine slag separation process, the roller outside has the backwash system, the nozzle constantly spray and wash the back of the net, in order to guarantee the timely flush the blocked surface net and flush out the accumulated fine fiber. Thus ensuring the permeability of the screen, the equipment can continue to run.

Fine fiber sieve can deal with a large amount of starch slurry effectively and completely, with consuming low power. It is one of excellent potato starch processing machines made by Doing company. And Doing company can guarantee the after-sales service and make sure that the buyer can operate fine fiber sieve skillfully.

potato starch processing machine

Model Drum diameter(mm) Main shaft speed(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(t) Capacity(t/h) Roller Length(mm)
DYXS-100 1005 21 3.0 4300*1380*1610 2.5 2-4 3300
DYXS-2*95 950 21 2.2*2 6000*1550*2300 3.8 3-6 5000


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