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Screw conveyor

screw conveyor

Screw conveyor

Introduction of screw conveyor :

The screw conveyor is composed of driving device, transport tank and screw. Materials in the screw conveyor tank are transported with the help of screw rotation.

The screw conveyor is with simple structure, small cross sectional dimension , good performance, low cost and easy operation . The screw conveyor is convenient to feed and discharge during operation and the conveying direction can be opposite .  Besides , the material flow can be adjusted in the screw conveyor.

The screw conveyor is widely used in potato starch production line , sweet potato starch production line , yam starch production line,  small scale cassava starch production line and so on . During transport the material ( such as fresh potato , fresh sweet potato  and so on) , the screw conveyor also has washing and peeling fuction .

The screw conveyor can be made of carbon steel material and 304 stainless steel material to  reach different customers requirement.

screw conveyor

Screw conveyor

Technical parameter of screw conveyor :

Model Output(kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
LSS30 3000 2.2 4500 x 450 x 800
LSS35 4000 3 4500 x 560 x 900
LSS45 5000 4   5200 x 700 x 1000


Screw conveyod can applied in following starch production line :

(1) Potato starch production line

(2) Sweet potato starch production line

(3) Cassva starch production line


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