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Spiral conveyer

Spiral conveyer

Spiral conveyer

Description of spiral conveyer:
The spiral conveyer mainly used for conveying and cleaning the Potato,sweet potato, cassava etc, which is the important step during the potato starch production line.

Features of spiral conveyer:
1.No suspension apparatus for the principal axis
2.Variable frequency
3.Variable speed
4.Variable length according to the length of material


Main technical parameters of spiral conveyer:

Model Output(kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
LSS30 3000 2.2 4500 x 450 x 800
LSS35 4000 3 4500 x 560 x 900
LSS45 5000 4   5200 x 700 x 1000


Application of spiral conveyer:

1. Sweet potato production line

2. Potato production line

3. Cassava production line

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