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Video introduction of large cassava slicer

Date:2022-10-07/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

The cassava slicer is used to process fresh cassava into cassava chips of uniform thickness. It has large, medium and small models. This video shows you the operation process of a large cassava slicer.

Production steps of cassava chips:

1. Cleaning cassava: First, use a dry sieve to remove impurities such as sediment, weeds and stones on the cassava, and then use a paddle washing machine to wash off the sediment impurities on the cassava again.

2. Slicing cassava: Put the cleaned cassava into the slicer to adjust the thickness, and start producing cassava chips.

cassava chips processing machineMain cassava chips processing machine

This cassava slicer machine is made of carbon steel, which supports the production of animal feed but not edible cassava chips. This large-scale slicer has a large capacity and is easy to operate, and is especially popular in cassava processing plants that mass-produce cassava chips for animal feed.

Of course, if you want to produce cassava chips on a small scale, we support the customization of the output of the slicer, and the price will be cheaper. Welcome to contact Henan Doing Company to customize and purchase cassava processing machines.


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