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What's the feature of cassava starch processing plant line?

Date:Jul 05, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava starch processing plant line is composed of many equipment which can process fresh cassava tubers and get dried starch powder as finished product. The whole production line has three main features: high starch extraction rate, high automation degree and high quality.

cassava starch processing equipment cassava starch procesing equipment

Feature one: High starch extraction rate

Cassava starch processing plant line from Doing company have some special design to ensure starch extraction rate. To make starch released as much as possible and to reduce starch loss during the whole process is what we are dedicated in doing. In crushing section, we apply rasper machine to crush cassava. Rasper has high rotation speed and can crush cassava to the most extent, so as to release starch as much as possible. This is the key step which can directly influence starch yield. And then, the next we should do is to reduce starch loss during the following steps. In fiber separation process, Doing company adopts horizontal type centrifuge sieve. Compared to vertical type machine, horizontal type machine can achieve better separation effect. Besides, to reduce starch loss, we will install multiple stages of centrifuge sieve machine to recycle starch. We also have recycle process in hydrocyclone station. Finally in drying process, Doing company adopts negative pressure drying system to reduce starch loss in pipe.

Feature two: High automation degree

Doing company applies automatic control system to ensure smooth running of the production line and to reduce breakdowns and manual intervention. For example, we install automatic discharger system at the bottom of de-sander machine. After time is set, the valve can be open in time to discharge sand debris, which can save labor work. Besides, automatic control system can ensure high quality product. For example, we will install interlocking control system in flash dryer. By controlling of input and output temperature, inlet feeding speed, we can ensure stable moisture content of finished starch.

Feature three: High quality 

What’s more, we guarantee all parts that may contact with cassava is made of stainless steel. On one hand, stainless steel material can meet basic requirement for food production, on the other hand, stainless steel machine can prolong equipment's service life. All our machines will be tested before delivery in order to ensure high standard and reduce machines breakdowns.

single machine single machine of cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant from Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui has many advantages. If you want to know more information, please contact us at any time. We will provide you with high quality production equipment to meet the needs of different customers.


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