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Congratulations to the South African customer for ordering a set of 4 tons per hour cassava flour processing line!

Date:2023-03-25/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Good news! On March 17, 2023, a South African customer ordered a set of cassava flour processing lines with a feed rate of 4 tons per hour. The cassava flour processing line is fully automated, which can improve the processing efficiency of cassava flour and save labor costs.

cassava flour processing lines with a feed rate of 4 tons per hourCassava flour processing lines with a feed rate of 4 tons per hour

The customer is an energy company in South Africa, which has a mineral development project and plans to try a cassava processing project. In 2022, a South African customer contacted us through the website of Jinrui Company, saying that he is currently doing a feasibility analysis of a cassava flour processing project. Jinrui Company introduced our cassava flour processing line processing technology according to the needs of customers, including semi-automatic and automatic cassava flour processing lines. After that, the business manager of Jinrui Company communicated with the customer via email about the details of the cassava flour processing line, including equipment list, transportation, environmental protection, boilers, power consumption, etc. Finally, the South African customer decided to make a 4 tons per hour cassava flour processing line.

In November 2022, the company of the South African customer expressed that he wanted to know Jinrui more deeply, so we showed the Jinrui Company's factory video, project bill of lading, project site, etc. to the customer. And let the customer talk to our South African customer on the phone. The customer fully recognizes Jinrui's serious and responsible attitude and real company strength. After solving the payment problem, the South African customer happily signed a purchase contract with Jinrui Company.

Jinrui Company is a comprehensive cassava and other tubers processing machinery manufacturing company. If you want to know more about our cassava flour processing line price, plant design, function, etc., please feel free to contact us, and we will patiently answer.


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