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Starch production line
Syrup production line

Kaifeng SIDA factory with newest technology about the corn/ maize glucose syrup processing line and rice or broken rice glucose syrup processing line.

Here is the mainly process of new maize glucose syrup processing line:

maize glucose syrup processing line

maize glucose syrup processing machine

Use Corn/Maize to produce glucose directly.

1. Maize/Corn flour making line

(1) Maize selection

Main equipment: Vibrating Sieve, Stone-removing machine, Bucket elevator, Magnetic Separator, Low pressure fan, etc

(2)Remove Germ

Main equipment:Germ Broken machine, Germ selecting machine, Low pressure fan, Peeling Polisher Machine, Germ pressure machine, Conveyor, Clean flour machine.

(3)Corn/maize flour making

Main equipment: Crusher, Roller Mill, Sifting machine

2. Continuous spray liquefaction section

Main equipment: Mixing slurry tank, Liquid ejector, Laminar flow tank, Buffer tanks, pumps

(1).Mixing slurry: Add thermostable amylase and water to flour, and mix them in mixing slurry tank

(2).Spray liquefaction: Heating all tanks by steam, then start Liquid ejectors and pumps. Delivery material continuously and evenly, and control flow by production capacity.

Flash evaporate material in Laminar flow tank, and keep temperature. Observe liquefaction effect.

(3).High temperature treatment: Send passed material to the second Liquid ejector, and keep temperature.

(4).Carry slurry to buffer tank by pump.

3.Filtration section

Main euqipment: Plate-and-frame filter press machine, Bottom slot for Plate-and-frame filter press machine, Flow slot for Plate-and-frame filter press machine, Buffer tanks, Pumps.

(1).Filter protein and slag by Plate-and-frame filter press machine.

(2).Carry away protein and slag by Bottom slot for Plate-and-frame filter press machine.

(3).Syrup inflow buffer tanks, then be sent to next step by pump.

4.Saccharification section

Main equipments: Heat-exchanger, Saccharification tank, Pumps

Cooling syrup by Heat-exchanger, then send them to Saccharification tank (mixer and coil pipe are set in Saccharification tank. ) by Pumps., then add glucoamylase


Main equipments:  Activated carbon, Decolorization tanks, Pumps.

Carry passed syrup into Decolorization tanks(mixer and coil pipe are set in Saccharification tank.) by pump. Decolor by Activated carbon

6.Filtration section

(1).Filter protein and Activated carbon by Plate-and-frame filter press machine.

(2).Carry away protein by Bottom slot for Plate-and-frame filter press machine

(3).Unclean syrup is sent to big buffer tanks by pump.  

(4).Carry clean syrup into buffer tanks.

7. Ion exchange section

(1).Carry syrup into Ion exchange columns. Resin clean syrup in Ion exchange columns. Then carry clean syrup into buffer tanks.

(2).When Resin loses effect, stop carry syrup into Ion exchange columns, and change another Ion exchange column for work.

(3).Recover Resin: Using heat water to bush resin, then use acid fluid, and alkali fluid to bush Ion exchange columns till Resin has function.

8.Evaporation section

Main equipments: Triple-concentrate of evaporator, Single-concentrate of evaporator, Final-product storage tanks, Pumps.

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