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Cassava flour drying machine flash dryer

Date:Dec 17, 2019/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

In the processing of cassava flour, cassava flour drying machine is an important step in the entire production line. Usually after dewatering cassava flour, then cassava flour cake will be crushed by hammer mill. After crushing cassava flour, cassava flour will be dried by cassava flour drying machine. Therefore, at this stage, the use of a professional cassava flour drying machine can effectively prevent flour gelatinization and ensure the quality of the flour after drying. Compared with other types cassava flour drying machine, our flash dryer is more professional, drying fast and even, can guarantee the cassava flour quality, no color change.

The working principle of DOING cassava flour drying machine:

The cassava flour drying machine adopts negative pressure and cooling system. Usually when the cassava flour is feed into the drying part, the cassava flour is dried in a short time, then cassava flour will go through the cooling part so as to guarantee the quality of cassava flour. Drying process is controlled by interlocking system, which keeps input capacity and inlet temperature in appropriate rate.


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