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Test run video of garri making machine

Date:Dec 29, 2020/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

This video shows you the test run of each garri making machine of Henan Jinrui.

The garri making machines you can see in the video include cassava cleaning & washing machine (dry sieve and paddle washing machine), cassava peeling machine, cassava grating machine, garri dewatering machine (hydraulic press) and garri frying machine (garri fryer). Each garri making machines in the video all has fast production speed and stable operation.

These garri making machines are designed and produced by Henan Jinrui. They can all realize fully automatic cassava processing and garri production, so only a few workers are required to monitor and control the computer. In addition, these garri making machines has the characteristics of large output, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption. If you are looking for an efficient and automated garri making machine for your garri processing plant, please leave us your contact information. Our project manager will match you with garri making machines that satisfy you according to your production needs.


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