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What is the function of flash dryer in manioc flour processing plant? How does it work?

Date:Apr 20, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Flash fryer is one of the important processing machine in the manioc flour processing plant. The function of flash dryer in the manioc flour processing plant is for drying the wet manioc flour which is an important and indispensable section. Because the flash dryer has an effect on the quality and yield of the final manioc flour. So today, Henan Jinrui company talk about the function of the flash dryer in manioc flour processing plant to you!

The feeding screw conveyor will feed the dewatered manioc pulp into the hoist of the flash dryer. Then, the lifter of the flash dryer will send the wet manioc flour into the flash dryer tube. During the drying, hot stove and heat exchange machine are matched with flash dryer. In the procedure, the hot air is expelled upwards in a spiral shape in the middle of separator, and is drawn to the exhaust gas tube by a fan, and then discharged outside. This design is to ensure the wet manioc flour can be fully dried in the flash dryer tube. After drying by the flash dryer, the manioc flour will follow into the cyclone separator, fall down along with cyclone separator, and then passes the seal auger into the dry powder outlet.

manioc flour flash dryerManioc flour flash dryer

Here are some special design for the flash dryer in the manioc flour processing plant:

1. Automatic controlling system:

This system is used to control the feeding capacity and air through the prediction of feed moisture and inlet as well as outlet temperature. In order to control reasonalbe temperature and stable moisture during the working of the flash dryer, some temperature controlling factors are considered and matched into this system, such as inlet of hot air, air inlet of cyclone separator and exhaust gas tube.

2.The design of thickness and thin tuber of the manioc flour flash dryer:

This design in manioc processing plant is to extend the heating time and reducing the heating speed, then to ensure the efficiency of drying.

3.Negative pressure dryer:

Henan Jinrui company's manioc flour flash dryer in manioc flour processing plant adopts negative pressure to dry the wet manioc flour. We set a fan at the bottom of the manioc flour flash dryer to realize negative pressure. The working principle is that the inner pressure of the manioc flour flash dryer tube is less than the outside pressure, to avoid the loss of manioc flour during drying.

4.Two stages design for the manioc flour flash dryer:

Recently, Henan Jinrui company received some feedback from the clients who purchased this manioc flour flash dryer that they were satisfied with this machine for its two stages design. You know, there are much fiber contained in the manioc flour. This design can avoid this fiber stay in the manioc flour, to ensure the quality of the finished product.

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Henan Jinrui company does not only just design the manioc flour drying system, but also design & manufacturing the flash dryer for cassava starch or other manioc processing machine. Please do not hesitate contact us to ask for what you need about cassava processing project.


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