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Glucose syrup production line

Date:Apr 30, 2019/ Syrup production line/ Chat online
The features of  our glucose syrup production line

Using the rice to make glucose, the traditional technology is that  using rice to process into starch firstly, and then use the starch to convert the glucose;

While our technology, We use dry method to get rice flour firstly, and then use rice flour to get glucose. The technology  is from Japan in 1992. Which has the same technology in Jtaly.

glucose syrup production lineGlucose syrup production plant

Using our technology, It is Newest technology. There is NO environmental pollution. and  you get also get the byproduct(Protein)  to make the maximum profit.

The glucose syrup production line is using the corn or rice  to produce the glucose syrup directly.

The glucose syrup production line production process is mixing the corn/rice flour  with water, then hydrolysis the starch to liquid form , then saccharifying process to make the raw glucose syrup, then use actived carbon to decoloration of the glucose syrup, then use the ion exchange equipment to take out the cation and anion to get pure glucose syrup. At last, the evaporator machine of the glucose syrup production line will take out the water inside in the glucose syrup to get the final product to reach the requirement.

If there has any questions about the glucose syrup production line, please contact us freely. We will help you know more about the glucose syrup production line.


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