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Video of different cassava chips cutting machine

Date:May 30, 2020/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

It shows the different cassava chips cutting machines in DOING company.

The first is mini casssava chips cutting machine which is mainly for small farmers home use.

The second is DOING old style small scale cassava slicing machine. It also has the characteristics of simple to use, small footprint and low cost.

The third is the cassava slicing and peeling machine. The cassava is firstly cleaned by a dry sieve and then be sliced into chips by this machine. As the video shows, the produced cassava chips is cleaner.

The final casssava chips cutting machine is DOING newly designed machine. Compared with the above machine, it is not only high efficient but also can slice cassava into chips of uniform thickness.

As a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, DOING can supply you with small scale and large scale casssava chips cutting machine as your requests. If it is needed, please leave us a message.


DOING company offers cassava processing machine from single machine to the complete production line. If you want to get more details about cassava processing machine, please contact us: