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Fruit vegetable dewatering machine for banana peel dewatering

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This video shows the fruit vegetable dewatering machine for banana peel dewatering process. This fruit vegetable dewatering machine can be widely used in the dehydration operation of high wet materials includes but not limited to fruit and vegetable dewatering, which can reducing the burden of the dryer, greatly increasing the output, reducing the energy consumption, is an essential processing equipment for high wet materials dewatering. It taking use of the squeezing principle to achieve internal and external simultaneous dehydration.

Fruit vegetable dewatering machine working principle: conveying screw will push the materials into squeezing screw, By decreassing squeezing screw pitch and increasing diameter of axle, and under the action of cone resistance and screen wall, make the liquid content contained in material to be squeezed out. The squeezed liquid outflow from the mesh, concentrated in the sump tank. And the pressed dry material  is discharged through the end of the screen cylinder and the resistance device.

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