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Flash dryer

Description of flash dryer:

1. Flash dryer is the most modern drying equipment for power drying recently.

2. By using the principle of airstream flash drying, flash dryer has the advantages of large dry intensity, short time, low energy consumption, low temperature, friendly operation, good quality.

3. Starch or flour dried by flash dryer has feature of high quality, high fineness, stable water content, low pollution, clean and hygiene.

4. Flash dryer is suitable to other material drying, such as heat sensitivity and stickiness materials.

flash dryerFlash dryer

Features of flash dryer:

1.Use the branch of pulse line to change size in order to change the airstream speed, and make overall heat transfer coefficient high to continuous dry large material.

2.Material drying time short, tail gas temperature less than 55℃, with high drying speed.

3. Whole flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying, working environment clear and no pollution.

4. Simple structure easy operation, no wearing parts.

flash dryerFlash dryer for potato starch, cassava starch drying

Technical parameter of flash dryer:

Model Impute wet gluten moisture content % Final gluten moisture content/% Capacity(Kg/h) Powder(KW)
ZYX120 <75 79 120 110
ZXY240 <75 79 240 250
ZXY360 <75 79 360 320
ZXY400 <75 79 480 400

Application of flash dryer:

1. Heat sensitivity material drying

2. Stickness material drying

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