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Do you know the work principle of Air-stream drying machine?

Date:Mar 22, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Air-stream drying machine can be applied into different kinds of starch drying,which includes cassava starch processing plant and cassava flour processing plant. So do you want to know the work principle of Air-stream drying machine? Next we will introduce it for you.

Air-stream drying machine adopts the principle of negative pressure drying. After the starch and hot air mix up in the drying tube, air-stream drying machine will make them separated and go ahead at the same time. The starch pellets of air-stream will penetrate in the wind-stream because of inertia, which gradually decelerates in a certain distance and accelerates along the opposite direction and penetrates the original jet flow. After several damped vibrations, they deviate from the crash zone and flow out directly. The high speed hot air flow can disperse the wet material, stir and mix in the external dispersion process at the same time, and then the material and hot gas flow in parallel. After the starch is dried, the dried starch is separated by a cyclone separator, and the whole drying process is completed.

 Air-stream drying machineAir-stream drying machine

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