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How to produce cassava flour?

Date:Oct 16, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Native in Brazil, cassava is widely cultivated in tropical regions all over the world. It is widely processed into cassava starch , cassava flour, garri, cassava chips and son on. Compared with starch, cassava flour retains other components of fresh cassava, which is a dehydrated product of cassava. And in the whole production process for how to produce cassava flour features with small water consumption, little produced waste, little and pollution to the environment.


The basic unit operations for how to produce cassava flour are as follows:

Sorting and weighing section: The cassava are firstly sorted in order to select the wholesome roots for the production process of how to produce cassava flour. Then the cassava are weighed by weighbridge.

Cleaning and washing section: As the basic step for how to produce cassava flour, cleaning and washing is the basis for ensuring the quality of starch. The main function of this section is to remove sediment from the outer layer of cassava and to wash away the sand, dirt and other contaminants of cassava root. The cleaner the starch, the better the quality.

Peeling section: Then the clean cassava are peeled by peeling machine for how to produce cassava flour. Due to irregular shape of cassava root, the peeling rate can not be ensured 100%. But with years of upgrading, DOING peeling machine peeling rate can reach up to 95%.

cassava flour processing machineCassava peeling machine

Grating section: Grating is the most important section for how to produce cassava flour. The cassava root is grated to cassava mash by rasper. And during the grating process, the structure of cassava is destroyed and the tiny granules inside cassava cells is released.

Dewatering section: The moisture content of the cassava mesh is reduced by plate frame filter press to about 40% to prepare for drying operation. For small scale production process of how to produce cassava flour, hydraulic press can be used to replace plate frame filter press to save cost.

Drying section: The cassava flour coming from dewatering process is then dried by flash dryer to meet the commercial standards for how to produce cassava flour. Flash dryer features with high efficient, short drying time and stable operation.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour drying machine

Sieving and Packaging section: Sieving process follows the drying operation whose main function is to sieve the large size cassava flour. After sieving for how to produce cassava flour, the obtained cassava flour can reach the desired particle size. Then cassava flour is packaged appropriately for storage.

All in all, the above is the entire process for how to produce cassava flour. Doing Company is a professional cassava deep processing machine manufacturer, by breaking through traditional limitations, our cassava flour processing machine can effectively achieve the effect of good fineness, pure whiteness, and even quality. Welcome to contact DOING engineer for how to produce cassava flour.

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