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What are the features of gluten washing machine?

Date:Nov 19, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Description of gluten washing machine:

During the wheat starch production , the first important procedure is using gluten washing machine to separate the wheat gluten and wheat starch.And then we use the starch for  deep processing. the gluten can be cooked into different kinds of foods.

gluten washing  machineGluten washing  machine


Specifications of gluten washing machine:

Usage of gluten washing machine: Making wheat gluten from wheat flour by water washing method.

Principle: Drive helix to mix and knead wheat flour, use water washing to separate wheat starch and wheat gluten.

Features of gluten washing machine: Good mixing effect, stable operation, and easy maintenance.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Voltage: 380V/220V(option)

Size:  Different capacity of gluten washing machine

gluten washing machineGluten washing machine

Core features of DOING gluten washing machine:

1. The whole machine consists of stainless steel. Even if it is in contact with the flour and water for a long time, it will not rust, so that the performance of the machine is better and the service life is longer.

2. The upgrade capacity of the gluten washing machine from the original single 30 bags of flour, to the current 40 packets of flour, a real large washing machine

3. Patented technology of gluten washing machine, continuous innovate product technology to adapt market demand

4.The washing machine imported water seal multi-channel seal, to achieve a true machine does not leak

5. The gluten washing machine is really 5-8MM steel plate, the overall tamping is more durable

6.  Equipped with automatically gluten discharging outlet, more convenient for discharging.

7. Gluten washing machine adopts high, medium and low three-level discharge port, more time-saving

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