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How to process potato starch?

Date:Mar 21, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Potato starch is a kind of white powder of tapioca that is dehydrated and dried after starch extraction. It is widely used in food industry and non-food industry. Potato starch processing is a very promising market. Doing company mainly engaged in the design, process, supply and other service you need of the whole starch processing equipment, and offer installation and commission for our client's starch projects.

potato starch processing

Potato starch processing

Potato starch processing technology order is:
Fresh potato - Potato cleaning system - Potato grinding - Potato starch extract -  Starch filter and desand - Starch concentrate section - Wet starch dewater - Starch drying to your requests

Main equipments used in potato starch processing:
Cage cleaner(or called dry sieve) - Further washing for potato - Potato pieces equipment - Rasping machine - Centrifugal screener - Sand sieving machine - Disc separating machine - Starch hydrocyclone - Starch dewater machine - Airflow drying machine

potato starch processing

Potato cleaning equipments

Important equipment and there usage of this potato starch processing:

1) Potato cleaning system:

Cage cleaner: Remove impurities firstly, its used to remove small size dirty, sand and stones, or any other small size dirties which is on the potato surface. This section is so important, easily for next processing part.

potato starh processing

Potato crushing and rasping

2) Potato pieces process and the equipments:

Potato pieces crushing machine: Crush potatoes be small pieces, used for potato starch extracting and easily for next potato starch processing section.

Rasping machine: rasping potato pieces into slurry, this new rasping way have highly starch release rate than before.


potato starch processing

Potato starch processing equipments

3) Potato starch extracting section:

Centrifugal screening: Good extract performance of starch from potato, starch extracting rate can over 94%.

4) Starch sand sieving of potato starch processing:

Sand sieving equipment: this sand sieveing machine can sieveing the small fiber powders in starch liquid.

5) Starch concentration and purification of potato starch processing:

Disc separating machine: It is widely used in processing of potato starch, separate protein and cell liquid out of slurry, with high separating factor.

Hydrocyclone: It is designed to get rid of related substances such as fiber and protein in the starch milk. For the starch clean, seperate superfluous substance from starch milk.Usually suggest this two machine used together.

potato starch processing

Potato starch dewater and drying

6) Final dewater and drying part for potato starch processing:

Starch vacuum dewater machine: The working principle is vacuum, decrease the water contain is less than 40%.

Flash dryer: This is the last step for tapioca starch process. It adopts low temperature drying system, which will prevent starch gelatinization. Final starch water content is 12%-14%.


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