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How to make potato starch ?

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potato starch making machinePotato starch making plant

Potato starch is starch extracted from potatoes . Potato starch is mainly used as material both in the manufacture of food and non-food products. In food processing a lot of potato starch is converted to starch hydrolysates and making different kind food . In non-food industries , such as wallpaper adhesive, for textile finishing and textile sizing, in paper coating and sizing, and as an adhesive in paper sacks and gummed tape.  The potato starch has big demand in different country . The potato starch making is good business in many country.

How to make potato starch ?

The potato starch making process (click to see the video) in potato starch making plant comprises the steps such as potato cleaning , potato wet milling, potato juice separation, starch extraction, starch milk refining, dewatering of refined starch milk and starch drying.

potato starch making machinePotato starch making process

The detail description of how to make potato starch: 

1. Potato cleaning of potato starch making:

Coarsely cleaning of potatoes takes place during the transport of potatoes to the scrubber by channel. In addition, before the scrubber, straw and stones separators are installed. The main cleaning is conducted in scrubber (different kinds of high specialized machines are used). The remaining stones, sludge and light wastes are removed at this step of how to make potato starch. Water used for washing is then purified and recycled back into the process.

2. Potato wet milling process:

Most often the milling of potato tubers is carried out by a hammer mill. The purpose of this stage is disruption of cell walls, which therefore release the starch. In practice, potato cells are not entirely destroyed and part of the starch remains in the mash if adopted this hammer mill. Potato pulp rapidly turns dark, because tyrosine presented in the potato is oxidised by polyphenol oxidase, which is located in the cellular juice. Therefore, cellular juice must be separated as soon as possible, our new technology potato rasping machine can solve this problem, fastly and fully destry the potato to get a starch slurry, this is an important factors for how to make potato starch, is a basis to improve starch extraction rate.

potato starch hydrocyclonePotato starch slurry cleaning machine-hydrocyclone

3. Potato juice separation of how to make potato starch

This process of how to make potato starch allows the recovery full-value protein from juice and reduces the onerousness of water juice as a sludge.

4. Starch extraction process

After separation of potato juice the pulp is directed to the washing starch station during the process of how to make potato starch, to isolate the starch. Most used are hydrocyclone station. In these machines pulp diluted with water is washed with a strong stream of water to flush out the milk starch. The mash smuggling with water is a waste product – dewatered potato pulp. Starch milk is contaminated by small fiber particles (potato tissue fragments) and the remaining components of the potato juice – that’s why it is called raw starch milk.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing machine

5. Starch milk raffination:

Raw starch milk is purified in the refining process. This involves the removal of small fibers from the starch milk and then the removal of juice water and starch milk condensation. For this purpose, the screens and hydrocyclones are commonly used for how to make potato starch. Hydrocyclones due to the low output (approximately 0.3 cubic meter per hour) are connected in parallel and works as multihydrocyclones. For the starch milk desanding bihydrocyclones are used. In order to prevent enzymatic darkening of potato juice the chemical refining of starch is carried out using sulfurous acid. Refined starch milk has a density of about 22° Be, which is about 38% of starch.

6. Dewatering of refined starch milk and starch drying process:

It is a suspension of starch in water, which needs dewatering up to 20% of moisture. This is equivalent to the moisture content of commercial starch when stored. High temperature cannot be use in this process because of the danger of starch gelatinization which destroys granular structure. It may result in significant changes of the functional starch properties. Therefore, for the process of how to make potato starch,removal of excess water from milk shall be done only under conditions that prevent the gelatinization of starch.

potato starch drying machinePotato starch drying process

Dewatering of refined starch milk is carried out in two stages for how to make potato starch. In the first stage the excess water is removed by means of a rotary vacuum filter. Secondly moist starch is dried, without starch pasting. For this purpose a pneumatic dryier is used. In this device moist starch (with water content 36 – 40%) is floating in strong and hot  air flow and then dried during 2 – 3 seconds. Then, the starch is separated from hot air in cyclones. Due to short time of high temperature drying and intensive water evaporation from the starch granules, its surface is heated only to 40 °C. Dried potato starch contains about 18%~20% of water.

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