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What is the potato starch production process ?

Date:Jan 09, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Potato is a widely planted economic crop and the fourth largest crop after wheat, rice and corn. The starch content in fresh potatoes is generally 9%~25%. Due to its low viscosity, aging resistance and good elasticity, potato starch is widely used in food, medicine, chemicals, textiles, papermaking, feed casting, oil drilling and other fields. How to extract starch from potato starch? Under normal circumstances, the production process of potato starch is completed by the cooperation of advanced potato starch processing machines.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch production process and processing machines

First, use belt conveyors and potato washing machines to transport and purify cassava.

The potato raw materials are transported from field to the designated workstations in the workshop using belt conveyor to facilitate subsequent processing. In the process of conveying, gravel, debris and other impurities are removed by dry sieve and paddle washing machine.

Then, potato were crushing by cutting machine and rasper machine.

The potato is crushed by these two crushing machine. High-speed rotating blade ensures crushing rate of the potato cells, so that the combined starch can be fully released as much as possible.

potato starch processing machinePotato crushing machine--rasper machine

After that, potato fiber were separatedand potato starch was washed.

This potato starch production process is mainly realized by a group of machines called centrifuge sieve. The equipment adopts counter-current washing, which not only saves water consumption but also improves the potato starch concentration. If you want to make your potato starch higher purity, you can additionally use fine fiber sieve and centrifuge sieve together.

What's more, to refine and concentrate potato starch slurry.

The refinement and concentrition of potato  starch slurry is mainly finished through the hydrocyclone station.  Hydrocyclone station can remove the protein, fat, inorganic ash and other substances in the potato starch slurry, and at the same time, the potato starch slurry is concentrated .

potato starch processing machinePotato starch refining machine--hydrocyclone

Finally, dehydrating and drying potato starch

Purified potato starch slurry is pumped into vacuum filter machine for dewatering, you can get wet starch with moisture content around 40%. Then flash dryer is used to dry potato starch completely to meet standard requirement for selling.

The entire potato starch production process requires the close cooperation of various potato starch processing machines to run smoothly. Therefore, in the actual potato starch production process, engineers with rich experience are required to debug and test each potato starch processing machine. Henan Jinrui has engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of potato starch processing. Therefore, whether it is from process technology, machine manufacturing, machine installation or machine debugging, we can provide you with professional advice and provide appropriate solutions.


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