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What's the advantages of rasping machine in cassava starch processing?

Date:Mar 13, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In the potato cassava starch processing, the cassava crushing parts is very important, the crushing effect of cassava directly affect the final starch capacity and quality. So the cassava rasping machine is very important in the whole cassava starch processing plant, it has a direct impact on the yield and capacity of whole cassava starch processing plant by its degree of crushing ability and the extraction rate of cassava starch.

cassava rasping machine in cassava starch processing

Cassava rasping machine functions

The rasping machine is better than hammer crusher:

For one thing, traditional hammer crusher not a dedicated crushing machine for cassava starch processing, its maximum spindle speed is only 1100RPM, low speed and low rasping coefficient. In terms of structure, the hammer crusher is one-way broken, low processing capacity, only can be used in small scale cassaca starch processing plant. For another, use the hammer crusher, final cassava particles is a lillte large and mostly round or polygonal, the starch cannot be completely free from the cytosol and the extraction rate of starch is low.

cassava rasping machine advantages of cassava starch processing

DOING cassava starch processing plant 3D photo

Rasping machine advantages and features:

Doing Machinery new type rasping machine crushing cassava with high speed, fully destroy the fabric structure, can fully extract starch from cassavas.

1. High spindle speed, fine rasping, with particles of uniform diameter, high extraction rate of starch processing.

2. Unique design of drum groove structure, easy to quickly tighten the saw blade.

3. Two - way rasping combination file, with interchangeability and long service life.

4. Equipped with unique screen fastening device, remove screen easily

Above all, our new type cassava rasping machine is the best choice of cassava starch processing.

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