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What is the step of starch extraction from potato?

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About the starch extraction from potato, it usually need to adopt the special method, using the starch not soluble in the cold water principle, now, to get a high capacity and the high quality potato starch, we need to equipped with a complete set of potato starch extraction machine from potato cleaning to the starch drying, there are mainly five steps included in the whole set of starch extraction from potato. Next is Doing Company potato starch extraction technology and machine introduction:

potato starch extraction machine

Potato starch extraction process

1. Cleaning and washing

Dry sieve is suitable for the removal of surface sediment, concave and convex dirt of potato, sweet potato, cassava and other bulbous raw materials. The feeding is automatically raised during cleaning. After removal of sediment, potato surface leather residue and other impurities, the bottom of the slag discharge will be removed automatically. Rotary washing machine is suitable for sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava and other tuber cleaning. It is mainly used to clean the surface of fresh potato with a large amount of mud. In the production of a complete set of starch extraction from potato, it is responsible for the second cleaning process.

potato cleaning machine

Rotary washing machine

2. Crushing section

Rasping machine is a new product developed by our company, which absorbs the advanced technology at home and abroad, and combines the actual production experience of our company. It is the special equipment potato starch processing industry, compared with the traditional products, with high speed, uniform particles, high starch dissociation rate, large production capacity, high starch extraction yield characteristics.

The performance of this product is stable, and it can realize two-way rotation with two tool bases. Adopting internationally advanced "SKF" bearing. The toothed belt is produced by Optibelt company from Germany, with large transmission power, small bending coefficient and long service life. The rasping machine mainly breaks and crushes the raw material in the process of starch extraction from potato.

potato crusher

Doing Company new type potato rasping machine

3. Screening

The screen of centrifugal sieve is titanium alloy, oil seals and toothed belts were imported from Germany. Centrifugal sieves are mainly used to separate cell fluid and large fiber, and through more than one stage of centrifugal sieve structure, in high speed condition to achieve outstanding results of the separation of fiber and starch. During the screening process, the fine fiber sieve with low-speed horizontal system is able to remove fine fiber. Through the automatic control system and the high injection pressure back drive mode, the patency of the screen mesh can be ensured. These two machines are important to ensure the purity of finished product in the starch extraction from potato process.

potato starch production equipment

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4. Concentrating

Hydrocyclone unit is widely used to remove fiber, protein and cell to further improve the quality of starch. Easy and reliable operation, the unique design of cavity sealing structure is simple and efficient. The Hydrocyclone pipe made of strengthened nylon. According to different material properties and customer requirements, we customize different materials of Hydrocyclone unit.

Vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine which is formed by vacuum pressure and vacuum filtration. It is an ideal choice for large and medium-sized starch extraction from potato enterprises by absorbing advanced technology with compact structure and low energy consumption.

5. Drying section

The contact part is made of 304 stainless steel, which can ensure no external erosion to the material; Optimized separation cyclone design, good separation result can effectively control the loss of starch, no external pollution. This is the complete set of starch extraction from potato.

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