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The standards of sanitation and construction needed to start a cassava starch processing plant

Date:Aug 26, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
To start a cassava starch processing plant, it is necessary to pay attention to both the sanitation standards and the construction standards, and they must follow the relevant official national standards or industry standards. Here are some detailed standards for reference.

Cassava starch is one kind of food product, so to start a cassava starch processing plant, it’s important to ensure the sanitation standard. The sanitation standard is not only about the cassava starch material sanitation, but also about the plant environment sanitation. People or things in contact with cassava starch materials should be clean, hygienic and safe, to ensure that cassava starch are free from cross contamination; The plant environment should try to meet food enterprise general health standards and state environmental protection standards, which means the plant can prevent environmental pollutants enter, but also have a pollution prevention facilities and regular cleaning and sanitation facilities.

cassava starch processing plant 3D pictureCassava starch processing plant 3D picture

Except sanitation standard, the construction standard is also an important factor for starting a cassava starch processing plant. When it comes to construction standard, the basic plant functions standard, plant layout standard and building structure standards should be considered. The cassava starch plant should be fully in accordance with the food production license standard and have perfect basic functions; The plant layout should give full consideration to cassava starch production processes so that it’s more convenient for cassava starch processing; The building structure is suitable for rectangular shape, door shape and L-shape, so the building can be firm and convenient for equipment handling and installation.

production process of cassava starch processing plantProduction process of cassava starch processing plant

That’s all about the standards of sanitation and construction needed to start a cassava starch processing plant. Henan Jinrui Company has rich experience in cassava plant installation and high extraction rate cassava starch processing machine manufacturing. Welcome to leave a message or call us if you need any relevant help.


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