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Cassava milling machine

The selection of cassava milling machine is based on the capacity of processing of the cassava flour production line. Small scale cassava milling machine usually uses grating machine when crush cassava raw materials. The household cassava grater machine suitable for the family workshop. It has excellent performance and reasonable structure. The utility model has the advantages of reliable use, high production efficiency, labor saving and time saving, and the use of the squeezing roller to sift the fresh cassava into a filament of the high-speed rotating fresh cassava.

The cassava milling machine can complete the pulverization and fineness at one time. There are 3 steps of automatic filtration and separation of refining and slag. There is no block and skin, the flour extraction rate is high, the work can be fixed, and it can also be loaded on the walking tractor. It is appropriate for processing potato, sweet potato and cassava.

cassava flour milling machineGrating machine

The features of this grating machine: The world-class craftsmanship specialize in the production of special racks. Cassava milling machine is high strength and wear resistance. The uniform and fine flour residue and higher flour extraction rate also can be made. The replacement of the rack is quick and easy, and cassava flour production efficiency is greatly improved. The separation part adopts a frameless three-section separation structure, which has small resistance.

Big scale cassava milling machine for crushing the raw material is rasping machine. Product use of the rasping machine— It is used for crushing tuber crops, and it is mostly as the crusher of cassava flour.

Product performance characteristics: The rotor used in the cassava milling machine are made of special stainless steel forging, and there are hundreds of specially designed 1.25mm bidirectional combination boring tools. The rotor is characterized by a large high-precision balancer. The file is clamped between two tapered plates and fixed by pins. It is inserted into the tapered groove of the rotor for prompt replacement.

Working principle: The working principle of the cassava milling machine is tantamount to feed the raw materials into the machine casing through the speed-adjusting screw conveyor in the storage bucket. Then Instantly smash it. The pulverized cassava slurry is pumped into the sieving process by a dedicated flour pump through an underflow port under the Rasper.

cassava milling machine price Cassava milling machine

The analysis of the advantage and disadvantage of the cassava milling machine.

Advantages: The advantage of the cassava milling machine is that: the transmission part is small, the maintenance is simple, and the processing amount is large;

Disadvantages: Take the 500 type honing machine as an example. Cassava milling machine can process 30 tons of cassava per hour. The power is about 160-200KW. The power consumption is enormous, and the saw blade is fragile and easy to wear.

In the process, if the cassava milling machine is mistakenly inserted into metal parts, wood blocks, stone and other debris, it will damage 120 saw blades at a time, and the maintenance cost is high. In addition to processing cassava, the rasping machine is equally suitable for processing potatoes and sweet potatoes. Even if the sweet potato has a lot of pectin and it is easy to smear the gap of the saw blade, this is rarely the case in the work of the rasping machine, because the back-flushing system cleans the blockage in time, so that it does not affect at all.


cassava milling machine

Technical parameters of cassava milling machine

Model CM-250 CM-300 CM-350 CM-500 CM-600
Rotor width(mm) 250 300 350 500 600
Power(kw) 7.5-15 55-90 110-132 160-200 200-250
Weight(kg) 1500 2700 3200 3800 4500
Capacity(t/h) ≤6 ≤12 ≤20 ≤30 40


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