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How to clean cassava root? Dry sieve and cassava paddle washing machine

Date:Nov 23, 2019/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

There is an ever-increasing global demand for cassava foods in recent years. The cleaning effect of cassava will directly affect the efficiency and quality of cassava. So the mechanized production of cassava is more and more important. This video shows cassava cleaning section includes cassava dry sieve and cassava paddle washing machine. They can be used in not only cassava processing machine but also potato starch, sweet potato starch processing machine.

The dry sieve machine is the first step of the mechanized cassava processing.

This paddle washing machine adopts countercurrent washing principle. With the paddle rotating, the flows between water and cassava are formed in different directions. The paddles in the machine constantly move the cassava. It can effectively remove sand and dirt from cassava.


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