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Cassava starch processing plant 3D running video

Date:Nov 28, 2019/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

What the video shows is the cassava starch processing plant running video. The cassava is firstly transported into a cassava cleaner by belt conveyor, then it goes into the paddle washer to remove impurities. After that, it is conveyed to cassava cutter and rasper, where it is cutted into pieces and then be crushed into pulp. The crushed cassava pulp go through centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, disc separator, hydrocyclone system in sequence to remove fibers, sand, protein and other soluble and insoluble impurities in the starch pulp. Then we get pure starch milk, it is then be sent into peeler centrifuge and flash dryer to remove its extra moisture content to get dry starch. To improve starch quality, we also equip a starch sieving machine to remove large particles and then pack the final starch into bags for storage.

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