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The operation and working process of garri fryer

Date:May 14, 2022/ Video/ Chat online/ Give me a price

The garri fryer is a very important step in the garri making process. This video shows the operation and working process of garri fryer. And you can also know how to operate the garri fryer made by Henan Jinrui company.

The garri fryer produced by Henan Jinrui company consists of a stirring system and heating system, which can automatically stir fry the garri, and during the frying, the heat system can control the temperature automatically. It also has the advantages of easy handle, long service life and full stainless steel.

In addition, the garri fryer can choose from three different heating methods like electric heating, gas and oil. You can choose according to your needs. The frying pan produced by Henan Jinrui Company is simple to operate. Just turn on the switch button, and the frying pan will automatically control the temperature to ensure that the garri will not be fried. If you want to increase efficiency and yield, you can do so by increasing the number of garri fryer pans.

The garri fryer produced by Henan Jinrui Company is popular in West Africa due to its good quality and guaranteed after-sales service. If you also want to invest in a garri production project like the client in the video, welcome to contact us.


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