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What you need to make high quality cassava flour?

Date:Oct 18, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

To establish a small-scale enterprise to make high-quality cassava flour, you require:

• space for processing the cassava

• a store

• a facility for safe disposal of waste materials

• cassava roots

• processing equipment (knife, bowl, drying platform, grater, press and milling machine)

• trained machine operators along with casual workers for peeling, washing, grating, pressing,drying, milling, sifting and packing.  

You may be able to hire a press and grater locally. Local fabricators of processing equipment are also available in some areas – ask your local extension officer or agricultural research station.

Accessible markets include bakeries, millers and paper industries, schools, hospitals, shops, kiosks, hotels, restaurants and local famine relief agencies.

high quality cassava flour production flow chartCassava flour processing flow chart

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