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What Is Garri ?

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Fermented and roasted cassava root is used to make garri


        Garri, which is made by fermenting and roasting cassava root, is one of the staple foods . Also known as gari, garry, tapioca, garium sulphate, farofa, and poi, this fermented food is available in fine, medium and coarse grain forms, and in white and yellow colors. The texture comes from how the root is ground and sieved, and the color comes from the addition of palm oil; the palm oil version is generally more in demand. Garri can be purchased in supermarkets or it may be prepared at home.
      To prepare garri, the cassava roots are cleaned, peeled and soaked in water for several hours. The soaked roots are then dried and grated; they were grated by hand, now there are machines to grate the cassava roots. The root shavings are stuffed into porous jute bags and pressed under heavy weights for three to seven days until the moisture and starch has completely drained away and the shavings have fermented. Cassava is high in cyanide and the fermentation process reduces that. The root shavings are then sieved and spread out on a sheet in the sun and allowed to dry.

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