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What is wheat starch flour ?

Date:Jan 09, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

wheat starch

Wheat starch

Wheat starch is the carbohydrate component that is left after processing wheat flour to remove the protein portion.

Why is wheat starch being used?

Using certified gluten free wheat starch provides an increased texture and taste that cannot be achieved with the standard gluten free flours and starches. The gluten free wheat starch provides some elasticity to the dough to create a lighter flaky texture.

 Where does wheat starch come from? | How do you make wheat starch?

Wheat starch is the end product of processing wheat flour to extract only the starch from the grain.  The optimization process removes the protein through a series of steps.  The resulting starch is tested using the most accurate method to assure it is under the Codex standards for gluten free.

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