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What should I pay attention to when investing in starch processing equipment for the first time?

Date:2023-02-08/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

If you want to successfully set up a starch processing plant, in addition to the paperwork and formalities in the early stage, the selection of starch processing equipment is also a key step.

When selecting starch processing equipment, you need to pay attention to the following points: the strength of the equipment manufacturer, the price of the equipment, and the performance configuration of the equipment.

three points pf selecting starch processing machineThree points of selecting starch processing equipment

1. The strength of equipment manufacturers

Different raw materials need to use different starch processing equipment to ensure a high enough starch extraction rate. Therefore, each starch processing equipment needs to be customized with different performance configurations. It is recommended to choose an equipment manufacturer that can provide customized services according to customer needs.

In addition, it is not perfect to communicate the needs only through video or telephone. It is best to choose a company that provides company and factory visits for on-site inspections.

after service of good equipment manufacturersAfter service of Henan Jinrui Company

2. The price of the equipment

Most people would like to have good quality and cheap goods, but the probability is very small. It is best to choose starch processing equipment produced by large manufacturers. Although the machines produced by small manufacturers are cheap, there is a high possibility of equipment failure and other problems.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with rich experience in equipment manufacturing, installation, and operation. It can not only guarantee the quality of the machine but also provide professional installation and operation services to ensure after-sales problems. At the same time, the starch processing equipment produced by large manufacturers has advanced technology and will not be easily eliminated, which can reduce the cost and risk to customers.

high performance starch processing machineHigh performance starch processing equipment

3. Device performance configuration

If you want to obtain high profits, you'd better choose fully automated, energy-saving starch processing equipment. High-performance starch processing equipment can save labor costs and improve production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs and increasing profits.

At the same time, priority should be given to equipment with closed processing and easy maintenance. The equipment structure should be simplified, convenient to operate, and subsequent for equipment cleaning.

Henan Jinrui Company has decades of experience in machine design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance. And it has established successful cassava processing and tubers starch processing projects in many countries around the world. Henan Jinrui Company can provide you with a full set of high-quality services such as equipment customization, plant design, installation guidance, worker training, etc. Please inquire if necessary, and we can provide a factory visit.


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